Product Lines Represented
  • K2 Alpine Skis
  • K2 Telemark Skis
  • K2 Packs, Bags & Helmets
  • K2 Gloves & Hats
  • Sportube
Trade Information
  • Active member of EWSRA
  • Current Trade Shows
          SIA Show - Denver, CO
          EWSRA On Snow - Stratton, VT
          EWSRA Expo - Edison, NJ
Sales Territory
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Maryland/DC
Regional Shows, Addgravity Booth
On-Snow Demo Services
In-store Training
Addgravity Booth - EWSRA Show

Dealer Events and Promotions
Andy Mahre and Eric Pollard
Services Offered
  • Instore Training
  • On-Snow Ski Demos
  • Dealer Events
  • Athlete Promotions
  • Regional Trade Events
  • Industry Trade Events
Some Agency Facts
  • Agency founded in 1992

  • Established specialty sports retail
    account base

  • Strong multi location national account

  • Complete comprehensive coverage of
    Mid-Atlantic territory
Addgravity tents - Stratton Mtn Trade Fair
Athlete Appearances...
Pep Fujas, Michelle Parker
Demo Skis
For Sale